Why Finding My Voice Publishing and Services? (FMV)

FMV will help YOU tell YOUR story in YOUR own voice.

Whether it is a collection of poetry, or short stories; whether it is telling your life story, or writing a novel, let us look at it and see if we can help!

FMV will walk you through the process of getting your story from “idea” to “print”.

Maybe you only have your story or poetry collection written on a stack of notebook paper. FMV can help. Maybe you would rather record yourself telling your story or your idea and need someone to type it for you. FMV can help. No doubt you will need your work edited and proofread so it is ready to submit to a publisher. FMV can help. Maybe you do not know what the traditional or self-publishing options are, and you do not know where to begin looking. FMV can help.

FMV believes that your words, and your thoughts, and your LIFE matters.

At FMV, we take the fact that your words are YOURS very seriously. Granted, we will edit and proofread your work in order to get youridea from “draft” to “final copy”, but we will keep you in the loop at all times during the process. Our intent is to help you improve your work, not change it unnecessarily. We believe that words and thoughts and stories are things of great value and beauty. We love words here; we love the creative process here. Thank you for considering FMV.

FMV wants YOU to succeed.

FMV believes in starting small and growing steadily to build a lasting legacy of life, words and actions.

The plan behind FMV is to build up to a publishing company within five years. Maybe ten years. That plan started small a couple of years ago when our founder, Josh Bechtel, published his first book. He has been learning the ropes of proofreading and editing; he has also spent much time researching the pros and cons of various self-publishing companies. He has also steadily kept on pursuing his goal of writing a novel. FMV knows first-hand all about starting small.


FMV is creativity friendly.

Josh is an avid reader and loves a book with a good story. This may be why hehas read the “Chronicles of Narnia” and “Lord of the Rings”. He is something of a hobby poet and ahobby abstract artist as well. This means that FMV hopes to attract very creative people. Although our immediate focus is on books and proofreading and editing, we believe there is a whole, huge mountain of entertainment and art and literature to explore. FMV intends to actively tap the talent pool hidden amid the ranks in the foster system, Josh having been a foster child himself. We are all about discovering and creating new art, and new forms of poetry and new genres of literature.

FMV brings over a decade of writing and creative experience to the table.

Josh, now 41, began writing poems in his mid-teens. His work appeared in various Christian periodicals and Sunday school papers. He has already published a memoir and is working on a novel. He served for almost two years on the editing team of a prison ministry magazine. He considers himself fortunate to have been allowed to have this experience behind him.

Please note: FMV will NOT consider anything with excessive erotica, glorification of bloodshed forviolence sake, or portrayal of demons for mere portrayal and excitement’s sake. If the above areincluded in your story, it will be taken into account whether or not the story as a whole is a story of redemption.

Thank you for your interest in FMV Publishing and Services!


Joshua Bechtel,


Founder, President

Lighthouse Publications, LLC
FMV Publishing and Services


Josh Bechtel, founder and President of FMV Publishing and Services, also serves as Editor in Chief and President of Lighthouse Publications, LLC. FMV exists to publish and help others voice their visions, dreams and stories through poetry, art, and other creative writing, including fiction and non-fiction.

Josh’s first self-published work was a memoir detailing his experiences as a foster and adopted child. This memoir, published in 2012 but currently discontinued, also details his spiritual journey. The title, Finding My Voice, A Journey into Faith, was the inspiration for the business name FMV.

Josh self-published a compilation of spiritual poetry, titled Plain Old Vanilla You, several years ago. He is currently compiling a collection of short inspirational essays like the one on this page.

Josh has a Certificate in Freelance Writing from Harcourt Learning Direct (1996). His work has appeared in religious and secular publications, including a Horticultural Journal. He served for several years on the editorial team of a prison ministry magazine. He is an experienced editor and ghostwriter.